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escuchamiRADIO is a music medium that offers our audience a variety of programs 24/7 with musical genres that include Tropical, Latin, Jazz, Country, Top 80s, Electronic Dance, Bossa Nova, Rock and other personalized music programs.


escuchamiRADIO uses social networks and our digital audiovisual platforms to support the work of independent and popular singers, composers, DJs and musicians selected among those who follow us on our accounts. We only promote music that we consider non-offensive to our audience. We are currently connected on our social media accounts with more than 1,500 singers / songwriters, musicians, music bands and more than 70,000 followers worldwide.


escuchamiRADIO has created  new Sponsor Plans to help private companies, institutions and people in general to promote their products and services through our different media platforms. We also offer support for websites and social media that can be obtained without purchasing any of our available Sponsor Plans.


escuchamiRADIO also offers private companies and institutions our New Design Services created as an alternative option for our sponsors to publish their corporate, promotional and advertising image so that it is compatible with any of our digital media.


To advertise and promote your products and services on our website, our social media accounts, and to sponsor any of our music programs, contact us at contact@escuchamiRADIO.com or complete our advertising form Here.

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escuchamiRADIO mix plays a musical combination of Top 100, Tropical, Country, Lounge & Chill, Latin, Electronic Dance, and other musical genres by musicians and bands from around the world.


escuchamiMUNDO mix features a variety of musical genres from singers, songwriters, music bands, and others who follow us and have connected with us on our social media accounts.


escuchamiFIESTA mix is a personalized music program for our sponsors and plays music that they want to be played within the time limits agreed by their sponsorship.



escuchamiTROPICAL mix plays a variety of Tropical, Latin, Caribbean and Spanish music. It includes music genres such as Merengue, Salsa, Latin pop, Boleros, Cúmbia, Latin-Urban, and more.



escuchamiJAZZ mix It plays a variety of jazz music including Soft jazz, Latin jazz, Blues jazz, Soul jazz, Vocal jazz, West coast jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, Punk jazz, Orchestral jazz, Crossover jazz, among others.




escuchamiCOUNTRY mix plays country music genres including Alternative Country, Americana, Contemporary Country, Traditional Country, Urban Cowboy, Country Gospel, and other country music genres.




escuchamiDANCE mix plays a variety of electronic dance music including Vocal Trance, House, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, among others.



escuchamiLOUNGE mix plays a variety of music that includes vocal and cool jazz, Chill-out, Bossanova, Downtempo, Deep House, soft vocal Trance, among other genres.



escuchamiBOSSANOVA mix plays a variety of bossa nova music including instrumental Bossa-nova, English, Spanish and Brazilian (Portuguese) performances, Samba, among others.



escuchamiTOP80s mix plays 80s Rock music, New Wave, Heavy Metal, Alternative Rock, Post Pink, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Soft Rock, and other songs that reached the Top music Rankings between 1980-1990.



escuchamiROCK mix plays a variety of Rock music including Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, New Wave, Punk Rock, Glam Rock, Pop Rock, Surf Rock, among others.





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New Sponsor Plans

To advertise and promote your company, products, and services on escuchamiRADIO, our social media accounts, and to sponsor any of our escuchamiRADIO programs select one of the plans below or contact us for additional information.

Price for commercial audio advertising spots:

15 seconds: US $ 0.50

30 seconds: US $ 1.00

60 seconds: US $ 2.00

Name mention: US $ 0.50


These prices applies to the purchase of 45+ minutes of audio advertising.


Price for commercial audio advertising spots:

15 seconds: US $ 0.45

30 seconds: US $ 0.90

60 seconds: US $ 1.80

Name mention: US $ 0.45


These prices applies to the purchase of 585+ minutes of audio advertising.

Price for commercial audio advertising spots:

15 seconds: US $ 0.40

30 seconds: US $ 0.80

60 seconds: US $ 1.60

Name mention: US $ 0.40


These prices applies to the  purchase of 1,260+ minutes of audio advertising.

escuchamiRADIO offers our sponsors a maximum commercial purchase of 5 minutes per hour of our music programming. If you need additional information or want to reserve and buy any of our Sponsor Plans, contact us.

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escuchamiRADIO offers private companies and institutions our exclusive Design Services for our sponsors and related parties.


Our Design Services include:

Social Media Design & Setup

Social Media Support

Digital Banner Design

Digital Brochure Design

Promotional Web Design

Institutional Web Design

Corporate Logo Design

Promotional Logo Design

Domain and Web Hosting Services

Email Configuration Services

Graphic Design

escuchamiCUSTOM music program Design

escuchamiCUSTOM music channel Design & Setup

Copy Writing Services

Spanish to English Translations

English to Spanish Translations

Internet presence monitoring

Other Services


If you are the holder of a Sponsor Plans and are interested in our services, please contact our support team by clicking the button below.


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